Investment for Current and Amazon Business

Investment for Current Business and Start Online Amazon Business. Or Job except investment.


Investment for Fix Income :
Onhelpinghand has Launched a ROI 3% - 3.65℅ Yearly Income Project. The  Profit  is Paid Out monthly to Investors Account. It is best for who wants earn small amount profit without any amount lost. After the Project End the full Investment amount will Refund to Investors. 

Profit margin Invest:
$500 to $4999 =3%
$5000+ = 3.65% 

Note:  No loss, No High income, you will be receiving fix Profit, till than the project will be finished.



  • Income =  Yearly Interest 3% to 3.65℅
  • Interest Paid Out = Monthly to your account.
  • Minimum Investment = $500
  • Who can join = Any Investors
  • Income Start = Instantly
  • US Bank charge = Currently free
  • Other Country Bank charge = Have to bear Investors (Estimated bank Charge $1-$20 on Every successful Transfer )
  • Card merchant charge = Have to bear Investors ( Currently merchants charge 2.5%-3.5% on Every Successful Transition)
  • When Investment will Refund = After Project Close
  • Have Investment withdraw option before project close = Yes, After your Request, we will start your documents ready, estimate in 10 days, you will get full refund of your investment.





Investment for Business Income :
Onhelpinghand has planned for Online Business growth. Estimated ROI will be 10% - 50℅ Business Income. The  Profit  is Paid Out when sell product or services to Investors Account. It is best for those who want to earn a smart amount of profit with Investment risk. we know, no risk, No gain. We try our best for your business grow, 

There have two way for business run:  

  1. Investment for another business:  You just invest, One team will do all and share you profits. 
  2. Investment for own Business: One team will help you for company formation and business start, You just pay expense and monthly Salary him/her. 

Note: Who have $20k+ Investment. You can Start Your own business, we will help you every step.


What will do with Business Investment: 

  • Company Formation in US / UK
  • Ecommerce Store website
  • Amazon,ebay,walmart.etc Seller store
  • Product Brand Registry
  • Phisical Product Or Digital Product Sell
  • Product Sourcing
  • Ads Campaign Run





E-commerce Maintenance and Digital marketing Experts:
Onhelpinghand has made a Businessman and Worker connection, We know every business owner likes to view Business Growth. If you are an expert in E-commerce Store management, Website and Digital Marketing Expert, You can get Job opportunity. When you match any request with your job demand , we will inform you and will manage a job for you. let us know your experience,  after you justify the experience, we will add you in the job database.


E-commerce Job:

  • Amazon Store management
  • Ebay Store management
  • Walmart Store management
  • Alibaba Store management
  • Amazon KDP Book writer
  • Shopify Store management
  • Woocommerce Store management


Digital marketing job:

  1. Content marketing expert 
  2. Social marketing expert
  3. Ads campaign expert
  4. SEO expert
  5. Other marketing expert


Website job:

  1. Website Design
  2. Website Development
  3. Niche Blogging


Work Option: 

  • Salary
  • Affiliate
  • Recurring Commission
  • Contract 



We understand that Income with security isn’t easy. If you have any questions or require assistance, Contact Email: